Alyssia Lazin’s early passion for photography has followed her from one
side of the camera lens to the other. She was always photographing the
world around her. She moved to New York after graduation from college
and worked as a photographic model with the Ford Model Agency and
throughout Europe for Vogue, Mademoiselle, Elle and other international
fashion magazines. After her modeling career, Lazin relocated to
Cambridge, Massachusetts where she used her photography in
silkscreens that were sold in galleries across the United States.

Lazin’s art career made a qualitative leap when she entered Yale University
master’s degree program. Upon receiving her degree, she launched Lazin &
Katalan Design Studio in New York City. The firm’s clients included American
Express, Goldman Sachs, the Museum of Modern Art and IBM. They received
numerous design awards.

Her firm produced elegant, high quality designs for publications, promotional
materials, books and corporate branding. Lazin’s refined eye for photography
was an integral part of her design accomplishments. The firm closed after 25
successful years and Lazin then transitioned from design to focus on her passion,
art photography. Her unique abstractions convey a compelling visual energy,
transforming the ordinary into a poetic painterly image.

Lazin and her husband Pavel Kapic, an abstract painter born in Prague have
studios in Lucca, Italy and Sarasota, Florida. Their extensive travels influence her
unique abstractions, captured from commonplace reality. Her work has been
acquired by public and private collectors and has been exhibited in the
United States, Europe, South America and India.