Irene Carlotta Cicora Review - La Nazione
(English Translation)

Alyssia Lazin, model and photographer Revealing the Breath of Matter The work of a traveling artist in exhibition in Florence Stalagmites of fabric and marine vegetation open up like colors dissolving in water. This is the surreal world that is the underlying theme running through Alyssia Lazin's personal show called "Unfolding", being held at the Aria Art Gallery (Borgo Santi Apostoli, 40) in Florence until October 21st. After having completed her studies in art and graphic design in America, at Yale University, Alyssia Lazin posed as a model for some of the most glamorous fashion magazines of the world such as Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar. This American artist soon felt an irresistible attraction to move to the other side of the camera lens: this prompted her to establish a graphic design studio in New York and to collaborate, among others, with the MoMA. An avid world-traveler (Sweden, America, India and much more), Lazin with her expert eye guides visitors "beyond the material world" and bids them to discover a hidden universe of delightful possibilities found in the folds of cloth, dresses and costumes that would otherwise only appeared like disheveled chaos. The titles of the 18 works in the exhibit are emblematic: they range from Vegetable Love, to Flamenco Passion and Blue Embrace and perfectly express the idea of continuous movement of the images not only in the eyes of the photographer, but also the observer, who is led on this virtual and surreal voyage. Through her works, the artist speaks of the "breath of matter" which is so unstable and changing, yet apparently so static. The goal of the exhibit (Unfolding in Italian means "to reveal") is to seduce the viewer with its impalpability and the elegance of the complex weave, the fraying and the chromatic colors of these forms. It must be said that these images perfectly represent the continuation and evolution of the artist's style. In her preceding exhibition called Upside Down World, in which Alyssia Lazin flirted more willingly with corners and geometrical figures, but there were already first signs of her future love affair with soft, intricate curves that have completely absorbed her. Simultaneously with the Aria Art Gallery exhibit, Alyssia Lazin will be having another personal show at the Lucca Center of Contemporary Art, Lu.C.C.A. which at the same time is also hosting an anthology of the famous photographer David LaChapelle.